Release 5.1

New features and improvements

  • automatic hot reload when the source code changes,

  • lambdas as handlers - with named and type-safe parameters,

  • URI path patterns (simple and regex-based),

  • Admin Center for convenient management of the deployed app,

  • JVM and OS metrics in the Admin Center,

  • info about the web app routes in the Admin Center,

  • role-based web security with out-of-the-box login / logout,

  • configuration info in the Admin Center,

  • configuration profiles,

  • improved dependency injection (with profile support),

  • easy JPA bootstrap with TX management and nice utils like JPA.insert(new Foo()),

  • redesigned and enhanced JDBC utils,

  • scaffolding of JPA entities (RESTful services and management GUI),

  • new templating language and engine - similar to Mustache, but more practical,

  • highly customizable setup (serialization, security, error handling, template engine…​),

  • many GUI enhancements…​