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What's new in v5.5?

The v5.5 release brings several improvements and significant structural changes in Rapidoid:

  • built-in support for XML requests and responses (many thanks to Dan Cytermann for the nice contribution!)
  • the dockerized web platform has been extracted out in a separate project: Rapidoid Web Platform
  • end of life for the rapidoid-fluent module (last released version: v5.4.6), its successor is essentials4j
  • extended networking capabilities (rapidoid-net module)
  • support for high-performance TCP clients (TCP.client())
  • simple high-performance HTTP client (experimental)
  • some bug fixes
  • many small improvements

Breaking changes:

  • the rapidoid-html module has been merged into the rapidoid-gui module
  • the rapidoid-fluent module has been removed
  • renamed jackson to objectMapper in the customization API
  • renamed JsonResponseRenderer to HttpResponseRenderer in the customization API
  • renamed JsonRequestBodyParser to HttpRequestBodyParser in the customization API
  • the process management components have been moved out from the rapidoid-commons module, into the Rapidoid Web Platform