Rapidoid - Extremely Fast, Simple and Powerful Java Web Framework!

Open source (Apache license). View benchmark... Community: [email protected]

Rapidoid consists of several modules which can be used separately or together:
Add rapidoid-essentials as Maven dependency:
docker run rapidoid --help
Module rapidoid-essentials

Simple & Sweet Utils

Self-contained. 26 KB JAR size.
  • The must-have utilities for every Java project!
  • Simple and straight to the point!
// Creating a list:
List<Integer> numbers = U.list(10, 20, 70);[10,20,70]
// Creating a set:
Set<String> words = U.set("abc", "xy", "rapidoid");["abc","xy","rapidoid"]
// Creating a map:
Map<Integer, String> nums = U.map(1, "one", 5, "five");{"1":"one","5":"five"}
List<Integer> words = U.list(10, 20, 30);[10,20,30]
Map<Integer, String> nums = U.map(1, "one", 5, "five");{"1":"one","5":"five"}
// U.isEmpty utils:
// Is it empty or null:
String s = null;